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Ask me anything   Hmmm... Originally this was my blog about running. I was training for a half marathon and trying to lose weight. 3(ish) years later and I've run 2 halfs and 2 full marathons. I have not lost much weight (oops).

But NOW I'm focusing on the stronger part (both physically and emotionally) and trying to drop pounds and tone up for my wedding and the life that follows!

    WIW - Back on Track Edition

    So it’s been two weeks.  One week of birthday overeating, one week of sickness undereating.  The scales have balanced in my favor:

    TW:  250

    LWIW: 252

    Change: -2

    Total:  -26

    YOU GUYS.  The 240’s blipped up on my (crappy) scale this morning if I stood a certain way.  I’m SOCLOSE to finally, officially being out of the 250’s.  

    Also:  interview/demo lesson today.  Marking roughly the 5th interview of the month (2nd with this school).  Fingers crossed for me, because this is pretty stressful and I need it to be over. 

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