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Ask me anything   Hmmm... Originally this was my blog about running. I was training for a half marathon and trying to lose weight. 3(ish) years later and I've run 2 halfs and 2 full marathons. I have not lost much weight (oops).

But NOW I'm focusing on the stronger part (both physically and emotionally) and trying to drop pounds and tone up for my wedding and the life that follows!

    The Plan.

    In 2011 I plan on running two half marathons and starting to train for the Disney Marathon in January 2012.  The first half marathon is the LI Half on May 1st.  The second will most likely be the Diva’s Half Marathon that I did last year, although I may look into doing the Queens Half Marathon, since that’s much closer (and probably cheaper).

    Here’s the game plan:

    January - join Planet Fitness, get my act together, start building up my miles again.

    • Week 1 (1/2-1/8): Gym 2x - 6 miles (well, one of these will be outdoors with a friend, but the other will be in the gym)
    • Week 2 (1/9-1/15): Gym 3x - 9 miles, 1 day of strength
    • Week 3 (1/16-1/22): Gym 3x - 10 miles, 1 day of strength
    • Week 4 (1/23-1/29): Gym 4x - 12 miles, 1 day of strength
    • Week 5 (1/30- 2/6): Gym 4x - 16 miles, 2 days of strength

    February - The 7th is officially 12 Weeks ‘til Half Marathon, so I plan on starting one of these training schedules depending on where I’m at after January:

    March-April - I will finish this HM in under 2:30:00, so that’s a pace of at most 11:27/mile or over 5.3 mph, which is my goal “pace” (although faster would be nice).  This time around I’m really going to stick to my long runs and not skip them towards the end, like I did with the last one.  If I’m going to run a full marathon next year, I’m going to have to get used to 10-12+ mile runs.  I also need to stick to my strength days as well, and not consider them rest days.  Got to start thinking about bathing suit season. :P

    BAM, first four months of training for the year already planned.

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    1. 6n6challenge said: great plan!
    2. justbrooksy said: way to go
    3. robownslife said: Okay, this post made me want to vomit, LMAO! I guess cuz i’m still at 16:00/mile *dying*… But, I need to plan like you did. Gotta work for it! :)
    4. shortmom said: booooyah
    5. tribander said: Queens is a great 1/2 marathon…but hilly…who knew. And if I had to choose, pick the one that gives you a medal…b/c in queens you don’t get a medal! Good Luck!
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